A member's bona fide employee who has been registered by the exchange to work on the trading floor. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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clerk clerk [klɑːk ǁ klɜːrk] noun [countable] JOBS
1. someone who keeps records or accounts in an office:

• a filing clerk

ˌarticled ˈclerk
old-fashioned LAW JOBS the job title of someone who is training to become a solicitor
ˈbank clerk BANKING JOBS
someone who works in a bank, serving customers and doing other jobs
correˈspondence ˌclerk JOBS
someone whose job is to receive, answer, and file letters and other documents in an office
ˈfiling clerk
old-fashioned JOBS a person who works in an office whose job is to store all the papers and documents in the right order:

• She tried a government training course in shorthand and typing but, lacking confidence, ended up as a filing clerk.

ˈledger clerk
ACCOUNTING JOBS someone whose job is to enter information in a ledger (= an accounting record showing what a business has bought or sold)
2. an official in charge of the records of a court, town council etc:

• Plans of the land were deposited with the clerk of the county council.

3. TRAVEL someone who deals with people arriving in a hotel:

• Leave the keys with the desk clerk.

— see also salesclerk

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clerk UK US /klɑːk/ US  /klɜːrk/ noun [C] WORKPLACE, HR
a person who works in an office, dealing with records or performing general office duties: »

filing/wage/accounts clerk


a junior office clerk

(US a hotel employee who helps guests when they arrive and leave: »

The clerk checked us in and gave us our key.

(US someone who sells things in a shop: »

Take your purchases to the clerk, and he will wrap them for you.

See also ARTICLED CLERK(Cf. ↑articled clerk), BANK CLERK(Cf. ↑bank clerk), BOOKING CLERK(Cf. ↑booking clerk), CORRESPONDENCE CLERK(Cf. ↑correspondence clerk), FILING CLERK(Cf. ↑filing clerk)
clerk UK US /klɑːk/ verb [I]
WORKPLACE, HR to work as a clerk: »

Debbie has a summer job clerking in an office.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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